About Me

Hi, I'm Toqua.  Don't be afwaid of the name.  It's really quite easy.  Just think of your big Toe and a Kwuh (whatever that is) and put them together, Toe-kwuh.  The "kwuh" part is the same as the kwuh part of aqua.   I suppose the saying, "Jack Jill of all trades, master of none" applies to me with my crafting.
I enjoy all sorts of crafts. 
I do all sorts of needle work, crocheting, pine needle basketry, sewing, beadwork and use my Silhouette to create!  I also dabble in Graphic Design.  I make business cards, brochures, and maintain our church website. I am the church secretary as well as the Women's Group secretary.  I babysit and am also the Boy Scout Shop Seamstress.

I remember sewing my own Barbie Doll clothes when I was younger, and then my own clothes when I was in Junior High and High School.  I have sewed Raggedy Ann and Andy amongst many other toys, coats and quilts all above the normal clothes.  Early in life it started out as a necessity as we were unable to purchase very many store bought items.  Now I sew out of enjoyment... well... beyond mending that is!

I started beading ornaments in April 2009.  I had a friend whose mother showed me how to do it.  After completing my first purchased pattern I designed and beaded my first ornament (Twin Llamas) for my sister.  I used paper and colored pencils to design that and two others before purchasing the program I have to assist me so I can do it on my computer now.

I bead purchased patterns as well as design and bead my own patterns. All items are made to order therefore depending on how many current orders I have, depends on how long it will take before you receive it. Please visit my store for more information.



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