Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Memorial Ornaments

I had a client that wanted memorial ornaments for her father and her nephew. 
The ornament with the angels on it; I borrowed the angels and netting from a purchased pattern by Deb Moffett-Hall.  On one side is the family members name and the other side is their date of birth and date of death.
The ornament with the doves on it; I designed the dove and again the family members name is on one side while the dates of birth and death are on the other.  The danglies came from a purchased pattern from Deb Moffett-Hall.  I liked this sleeve on a white ornament best, but the client wanted it on the gold, so that is what the client got. 
Because of the metal beads which are more expensive if you would be interested in these with all the metal beads, these would be $75 + shipping.
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