Monday, May 7, 2012

Baby Shower!

  I've been talking recently about a baby shower that I was giving to a mom pregnant with twin girls.  I showed you the invitation, and the gift bag I re-did to put my gift in for the shower.  I have a few games to show you, and tell you where I got them.  Here in this photo though... I'm all ready to go to the baby shower.  :)  It was such a nice feeling knowing I was READY!

The first thing I did was research.  Research is important in any endeavor your take on.   The most fabulous site I did find! The Tip Junkie offers FREE Printables!


I printed these out on card stock.  And asked people to write one for each baby if they would like. Please follow the link in the Wishes for Baby title.

                     Did you know Twin Facts Trivia

                (I had to research to find the answers.  
                 If you want them please let me know!)

I also provided
Just for a bit of FYI

Another site I found is Baby Shower 101.  This site has 233 games listed.  WOW!!  I read through the majority of these games.  There are a few that have been repeated... but... I believe there are likely easily 200 games.  Some (perhaps all) of the above listed from Tip Junkie are listed here as well.  But... you get nice print outs from the Tip Junkie!  I found a Baby Shower Word Search - "You can find the Baby Shower word search here and the Baby Shower Word Search Key here." 

One thing I learned from a previous baby shower that I attended was to ask everyone to address an envelope to themselves.  This way the mom has all the addresses she needs to send thank you notes. 

I put printouts of all the above into 
pink envelopes that I made out of 
pink paper and folded in half.  
This way when everyone came                                           I had all the answers
I could simply hand them a packet.                                    printed out on blue paper 

I saw these ADORABLE Diaper Babies on The Pharma Blog and simply could not resist!  
These are pre-googly eyes.  If I would have used a Sharpie instead of a gel pen it would have worked better... 

But these with the googly eyes are so much cuter than the hand drawn ones!

One of the first activities we did at the shower was to decorate onesies.  (This activity I also participated in at a previous baby shower.)  

I purchased fabric markers and paints.  I cut up a cardboard box to insert inside the onesies, I gathered all the stencils I ever had and just let everybody's imagination take over.  
Mom is working on a onesie too!

There is one set of appliquéd onesies.  Theophanie of Our Jubilant Nest got a couple of the onesies from me early as she knew she would not be able to stay very long.  

Another game was that everyone had to guess how big around Mom was.  They could not hug her or touch her.  Whoever got the closest won the game.


MY grandson's other grandmother, Becky of Beckys bits n pieces, makes these beautiful mini paper bag albums.  I paid her to make two for me.  This is what I put in the Gift Bag that I re-did. When Becky posts about it, I will update the link to her post.  Updated link

One final item from the Tip Junkie...

On the way out everyone grabbed one of these adorable "Baby Cakes" poems 

“Baby Cakes”

- Twin Pack –

Twenty tiny fingers
Four tiny feet
There will soon be two baby girls
For all of us to meet!

I printed them on pretty papers.  I added a flower and a piece of ribbon.  And I attached them to "Twin" packs of goodies with glue dots.

At the end of the party Mom asked me, "Are you sure you've never done this before?" (hosting a baby shower)
I said, "I'm sure, this is the first for me."
She said, "You should add party planner to your resume." 

That is a pretty nice compliment!  I'd say the party was a success!

I know this was a long post.
Thank you for sticking with me through it.

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  1. planning a shower is a lot of work, but it looks like all of your hard work paid off Toqua! Everything was perfect! Love the diaper babies! and decorating the onesies!
    you're going to have your hands full very soon. :)

  2. I have never been to a shower for twins - how fun!
    Looks like you have made some great things!

  3. It was great! Thankfully, I had help with all of the M&Ms...


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