Sunday, April 29, 2012

Gift Bag Redo

I don't know about you, but I am a long time saver and re-user of gift bags.  Now days when I look for them on sale after Christmas I try to find "generic" ones so that they can be used whenever.  When I had kids at home there was more than one Christmas that if it weren't for my being frugal and saving the bows and bags from year to year the gifts would have had to be wrapped in towels or sheets (no lie).  I was also known to save the larger pieces of wrapping paper (I don't still do that).  A bag only needs to be tossed when it needs tape to hold it together... then and only then can it be 'retired.'

As I've mentioned I've been preparing for a baby shower... for twin GIRLS!!  :)  I am so lucky as I will be babysitting these adorable girls.  I get to pretend to be grandma and love on baby girls!!  These girls are not a relation to me... but I can pretend, right?  I mean... once you're a grandma aren't you a grandma to all babies??

I asked MY grandson's other grandma, Becky of Beckys bits n pieces, to make a couple of books for me so I could gift them to the Mom of the twins.  (When Becky posts about the books I will update the link.)  Becky is not only MY grandsons other grandma, she's a friend, a fellow Christian, and is very talented in making these mini paper bag albums and her scrapbooking.  I absolutely love her work!!  Once I received the albums I needed to wrap them up.  I found this bag...

There was a very squished bow on the bag where that big sticker spot is.  I'm not sure where the other marks came from (to the right from the top corner of the big spot and then to the left and below a bit there are 3 spots).  Mom of the upcoming twins is not into the frilly pink, pink, pink so I didn't want to give her a frilly pink, pink, pink bag.  I thought this bag was perfect... except for all those spots.

After looking around in my supply of stuff ahem... I mean crafting supplies I finally decided on flowers.  I used from this same bag of flowers for my Pinwheel Wreath I brought out my supply of brads too.  I used a needle to poke holes through the bag.  You could easily use a pin as well.  The needle is just what I happened to grab.

These flowers simply cover up the spots... but I felt like it needed a bit more...

Now the gift bag is dressed up like it should be! You can't even tell that those sticker spots were even there!

(That diaper bag... Mom gave it to ME so I could watch the girls at my house when my husband is off!  I would never have expected that!)

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  1. super job Toqua! the bag was a great save! :)
    It looks like it was always that way.


  2. That is such a pretty bag! I love the colors!


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