Monday, March 19, 2012

Pinwheel Wreath

I was blog surfing the other day and I came across this blog from Neverland Nook I do so enjoy pinwheels. When I saw that she made a wreath... I simply HAD to as well!!

Truly do follow her instructions... she lays them out so nicely... Neverland Nook

I went into my scrap booking supplies and found papers, flowers (paper?), buttons, and fancy brads.  I cut my papers into 5" x 5" squares as Neverland Nook suggested.  I then glued two  together so they would be double-sided papers (because I don't have any of those fancy double-sided papers).  The picture above and the picture below show my 24 different papers.

After the glue dried I folded them in half from corner to corner, both ways and then cut down the fold lines to about 1/2" from the center X.

I used a pin to poke the holes in the corners and the centers prior to trying to push the brads through.  

 (There's a plastic sheet to protect the table.)  I had brads in these and I decided I didn't like them with just the brads, so I added flowers to them!  I hot-glued the corners down to the center of the pinwheel to help hold the pins in.  Luckily the hot-glue let me take out these brads as I like them a LOT better with the flowers behind them.

Some I used just the flowers and straight pins from my sewing supplies with the pretty plastic heads on them (ball headed pins).  Those pins were long enough to simply go right into the styrofoam wreath.  Had I been thinking ahead of time I would have inserted a straight pin (a flat-headed one from my sewing supplies) prior to letting the glue dry... but...

I stuck the pin in and tucked it in under the petals of the flower.  (Isn't that polka-dot brad just too cute with that flower?)  The arrow is pointing to the head of that flat-headed pin.

See... you cannot even see that pin!

There's a flat-head pin under that green striped brad.  The pinwheel just below that has a ball headed pin stuck into two paper flowers.  I used buttons too!  The bottom flower in the picture above I put two flat head pins in... again had I been thinking ahead of time... I could have used the flat head pin THEN hot-glued on the button.  But I wasn't thinking... so... learn from me, OK?  ok.  Thanx.  :)

I will get a better picture I promise!  It is raining here and this is the best I can do for now.  

Awww... the beauty of spring!

I really like it!
You could easily get away with 11 pinwheels instead of 12.
My husband said, "That's different."  LOL

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  1. Toqua-your wreath is very cute, colorful and very springy!
    I've always loved pinwheels, probably has to do with me being born in march, and loving anything windy-kites included!
    have a great week!

  2. Love that you made a version of the wreath! Thanks so much for the mention! Your wreath is adorable! Love the flower centers! :)

  3. What a lovely wreath! I host a weekly party called Inspire Me Monday at Create With Joy. I would love for you to share your wreath & any of your other beautiful creations with us!

    Create With Joy

  4. This is a darling idea! Thanks so much for posting this tutorial! I love wreaths and this one is so unique!
    Love Ashley

  5. So cute a wonderful spring project! Hugs and wishes for a lovely week ahead! P.S. I'm your newest linky follower

  6. What an adorable wreath and an innovative idea! Hmmm...maybe see a project for those special little boys and I to do together! I'll tell them it came from thier "other" how special would that be? Because after all...he's my grandson! :)

  7. I love this idea - so cute for spring!

  8. Well fancy that! And I had never even seen one before! Good idea we had. Love the papers you used! Cute! Thanks for the visit and the comment. : )


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