Tuesday, December 20, 2011

EASY Christmas Craft

I was cruisin' awhile back... Not main street!  
I was cruisin' the internet... and I came across a picture of these mice

I thought, "These are just super cute!"

This was wa-a-a-ay before I went to Nevada to spend time with my kids and grandsons.  Initially I thought I'd do this little craft with my grandsons... well... time just didn't allow for Grandma to have craft-time with the grandsons.  I left the supplies with mom and I brought some home to make my own.

I decided today that I would make a few...
So I cut out the paper pattern... (larger version at the bottom of this post)

 I traced the pattern on two different colors of felt

 And I cut out the felt

I then proceeded to glue the inner ear pieces of opposite colors onto the ear pieces.  (If you're impatient in a hurry like I was I'd suggest you wait to glue them on until after you put the ears through the slits, as I just had to re-glue them.)  

The instructions at Martha Stewart  say to cut out little tiny pieces of felt for the nose and the eyes and then to glue them on... me... well I don't always follow instructions!

I used a Sharpie. 

After making the face with the Sharpie I put the candy canes in for their tails.  You can get them in all sorts colors so you can even color coordinate them if you want!

From the time I started to cut out the paper pattern to the time I put the candy canes in for the tails it took me 1/2 hour.  EASY  PEASY!!


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  1. as a teacher, I've seen these before, but aren't they adorable?
    hope you're having a great week Toqua!

  2. Those are so cute! I'll have to make those next year with my kids...they will love them.
    Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm glad I'm not the only one who smells wood :)


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