Friday, December 23, 2011

Three Horse Power - Update

Back in mid October I initially told you about Three Horse Power.  In late October I showed you one/third of the three horse power in the form of Moonlit Dove.  Well, now I am going to show you the other two/thirds!

Do you see that little lariat that I made? Isn't that cute?
I had this ornament on a white ornament when I took it to the customer.  Since this is a gift for a man they opted to put it on a dark blue ornament.

I only had my cell phone with me, and the lighting wasn't the best... sorry this isn't the best photo. 

That's it for the Three Horse Power story stories.  The lady that ordered all three ornaments is truly pleased!

I now have more orders to complete (thank goodness they're not needed to be completed before Christmas or I'd be spending a few nights and days up without any sleep!) Pin It Now!

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