Saturday, December 17, 2011

Cousin Emma's Scarf

While I was crocheting Granny's scarf my hubby's cousin, Emma, asked if I could make her a scarf... Of Course I can!!  So we went shopping for yarn.  When I was done I came up with this scarf...

I had one more skein of this yarn... I crocheted it up into a scarf on the way home!  :)
I think Grandma Elsie needs a new scarf!  She just turned 96!

Emma is VERY happy with her new scarf!!
Her sister is jealous as she said she had to pay $20 for a scarf like that!

I'm home again.
I don't have any scheduled traveling any time soon.

I was feeling an "itch" to crochet... awwww... I feel better now! Pin It Now!

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  1. So cute! Emma and her scarf. Glad you got to scratch your itch to crochet!


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