Thursday, December 15, 2011

Grandma's Scarf

As I mentioned in my last post Made With Love I've been traveling a lot here lately.  After I returned home from Nevada my husband and I went to Maryland to see some of his family, including his 98 year old granny!  (Can you believe it!) 

Anyone that knows me knows I don't sit still well.  It is not easy to bead with little tiny beads while sitting in a crowded airport, or on an airplane... (It just makes me shudder to think of losing beads because someone has bumped into me!)  I usually take something else with me to do.  This trip I took crochet…  I started crocheting when I got on the plane on Friday.  I ended up with this scarf.


When we saw my husband's granny she fell in love with it!

It's wider than a normal scarf so she can use is at a shoulder warmer if she'd really like.  She's such a beautiful lady!  I only hope I look that good when (if I ever make it) I'm 98 years old!!

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