Saturday, April 16, 2011

New babies!

If you've been keeping up after mom and dad abandoned the first nest of this spring (and left eggs in the nest) I took the nest down so I could paint.  There were a pair of doves that kept trying to build a nest atop the pillar closest to the garage but the twigs kept falling down.  (We now have a pile of twigs below that pillar.) But... they were successful in building a nest atop the 'old' pillar.  I accidently scared momma away while I was painting yesterday so I took the opportunity to take a couple of photos.  Here we go... we have two eggs this time.  Maybe these will hatch!  I'd be happy to keep an eye on them for you and let you know!

Be sure you check out my other posting here to see the size of the eggs compared to a quarter!
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  1. Oh, little baby eggs! how incredible!

  2. I added a link (above) to my other posting that shows the size of the eggs. I hope you saw it! :)

  3. That is so precious! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. Oh I am so happy to see this! I'm back on birdie watch!


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