Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rabbit Romp Goodies!

After I joined the Rabbit Romp I started searching for fun inexpensive gifts.  One of the things I found was this site; Who doesn’t end up with toilet paper rolls (or even paper towel rolls cut in half)?  One thing I discovered is that their template for the paper that goes around the toilet paper roll is 1) for a skinnier roll and 2) for a shorter roll.  I simply created my own (one could also use a light gray construction paper.) 

This picture is taken after I glued the gray ‘body’ onto three of the five toilet paper rolls.  (Yes, between our three bathrooms there were five empty rolls in the trash cans!)  The instructions did not ask for gluing a bit of cotton to the tail… but I thought it would be cute.  I wanted the printed out tail there in case the cotton ball that was glued on ever came off… that way the rabbit would still have a tail!  : )
My Rabbit Romp partner is a mother of five girls.  (Bless her!)  I made these toilet paper rabbits thinking they would be for the girls.  My husband said, “You HAVE to send candy for those girls!”  So…  


After putting eight chocolate eggs in a snack bag I folded the zip lock corners in and then rolled it up and stuck it into the toilet paper roll!

Apparently I forgot to take “after” pictures!

One of the things I needed for the Rabbit Romp was a basket… so here is the basket I found…

I thought the flowers were pretty, bright, and
... springy!  So I put them into the basket.

AND it comes with a surprise!!

Technically I’ve completed my requirements for the Rabbit Romp because I have a Rabbit and I have a basket.  But… I wanted my Rabbit Romp partner, Angela, to have something more… So… she’s also getting…

A “Welcome Spring” sign
   (with a rabbit)

And a shelf sitting rabbit that is
   holding a “Happy Easter” sign

Rabbits galore!!

(If you look closely you can see
what would be “after” pictures of
the Toilet Paper Rabbits with the
candy in them.)

I boxed everything up.  When I printed the shipping label for the package I copied and pasted the Rabbit Romp button above my return address; I wanted her to know for sure it would be ok to open the box.  : )

Then I waited...

           ... and waited...

... and today the Easter Bunny delivery service left a box at MY door!!


Oh... wait...     ahem...      it was a reused box...

So I opened it and I found...

... a box full of plastic sacks!!  :O

I dug... and I found...

a plastic paint bucket... hmmm... what shall I reuse this for??? hmmm...
Inside the bucket was chocolate covered marshmallow bunnies, pretty pink grass, and a box.  :)
It was wrapped so pretty I almost didn't want to open it!

but... I made it through...

And... inside the box...

Oh my!!  A Willow Tree by Demdaco box!!!
Inside the box it says:
"Always hold on to your dreams"
Oh I have a very SPECIAL place for this box!




With my collection of my other Willow Tree by Demdaco items!!!  Angela and I didn't even talk about this.  The Lord spoke to her.  THANK YOU Angela!

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  1. Wow, that willow tree box is gorgeous!
    I love the little rompers, too ;)

  2. Congratulations! You sure have a beautiful collection! I got hand-made soap! I love it so much it smells so nice :D

  3. My girls loved the "Rabbit Rolls" thanks for the sneak peak! Your basket was so fun, and I
    love what you got in return! Thanks so much for playing along, hope you'll join me agin this fall-

  4. Those rabbits are cute! What a fun swap/romp. And what a thoughtful partner you are and you have!


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