Saturday, May 7, 2011

More Baby Birds

We've had to hire some help to get the back 1/2 acre of our lot cleaned up.  It has many cholla cactus (not my fav by any means) and we have rats here that like to build nests (YUCK!)  I do many "maintenance man" duties around here, but I draw a line when it comes to dealing with all the cactus and rats.  When I was in the back two days ago showing the guy what I wanted done we saw this nest that had 2 eggs in it.  Today when they were cleaning up, there are two babies!  They do not have their eyes open yet.

It just amazes me that the doves will build their nests in the cholla.  I'm sure it helps to protect the babies from other critters with all the cactus spines!  I didn't crop these pictures very much so you could see all the spines.  It is simply amazing!

Near by this nest is one where there is an older baby.  He was camera shy and wouldn't look at me.  This guy will be out of the nest in a couple of days, or within the next week is my guess.

Albeit the cholla cactus are one of the nastiest cactus there are... they sure do have pretty flowers!  It depends on what kind of cholla it as as to what color the flowers are.  This is one from the cholla where these nests are.

The babies out front are growing fast as well!  They are just like a little family now.

Momma (on the right) was keeping a good eye on me.  Her babies will be gone soon too.  The little one in the front might be another 10 days in the nest.

These mommas have their babies for Mother's Day!  One couldn't ask for a better gift if you ask me.

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