Monday, May 23, 2011

One Little Error

 One little error... ok... really it's two if you count the beads... somehow I am off by two beads... see the "sideburns" how they just "appear" on the side of Brooks' face?  They are to the right by two beads. Do you also see how the eyes (most especially the one on the left of the project) is too far to the right of the eyebrow to be under it?  My guess is... by two beads!  : |   I don't know what I did.  I don't know if I skipped a bead here and a bead there.  But... it ends up that I had to rip out the latest three rows that I just put in.  (Ugh) And... why didn't I notice this before???

 So I got out my craft knife and  started cutting the threads, after cutting the threads I have to put the beads back into their corresponding boxes.  You can see some of them on the top left edge of the photo.  I wasn't watching the clock but my hubby said it was about two hours.

Now I need to start again.  Hopefully I will figure out what I did wrong and not do it again!

Perhaps that is what I get for trying to do my beading while I'm not feeling well???

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  1. Yes, it does stink... but it comes with crafting (and my desire to do it right).

  2. Oh man! I SERIOUSLY admire your patience! You're amazing.


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