Saturday, May 28, 2011

Wine Racks and Baseball Bats

This is one of those moments when I *slap* myself on the side of the head and say, "Why didn't I think of that earlier?!?

We have this beautiful wine rack that holds 7 bottles of wine

Sometimes we have overflow (wine was on sale) and we need to use these two other wine racks
For a total of 9 more bottles.  But this happens seldom.

Right now I could really put these 3 bottles on the rack in the first picture and have all the wine on one rack.  But then what would I do with the other 2 racks?  I put this pot where the silver rack was.  I bought the pot because I really love what it says,
"Thank you GOD for daisies and the laughter of a child.  Thank you GOD for soft grass and a hand to hold through life."
 But I have yet to find the perfect plant or item to put in the pot. 

But what do I do with the silver wine rack?  Stick it back out in the garage with the rest of the clutter?  (Trust me on that one!) Hmmm... ...

Wait!  I've got it!! 

My husband collects everything baseball bats, cards, photos...

What about if I put these bats on the silver wine rack that don't have their own displays made for them?  My husband is pretty crafty when it comes to making his own displays.  :)

It would work as a dual purpose.  We've had to move the extra freezer into the den as it simply gets too hot for it out in the garage.  The freezer simply cannot keep up.  So... the bats get a display, and it keeps stuff from getting piled up onto the freezer.  : ) 

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  1. Those are very attractive wine display racks.

  2. Thank you Juliet!
    I appreciate you stopping by!


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