Monday, June 6, 2011

Busy Weekend

Baseball season has started here in Tucson.  We have the Tucson Padres the AAA team to the San Diego Padres.  As I've stated before my husband collects everything baseball cards and he takes photos, prints them, takes them back and asks the players to sign them for him.  He is also very generous and shares the prints with the players.  The players really appreciate his generosity.  I go with my husband, read my Kindle until the game starts, then I keep score.  I enjoy baseball... but... for as many games as we go to I have to have something to keep me busy so I don't get bored.  My bead work is not a very transportable craft to take along... well... without spilling them everywhere! 

This last Saturday we had offered our pool for a family from our church to host a graduation / birthday party.  I stayed behind to assist while my husband went to the game.  As it happened one of my husband's cousins (B Mc) called.  He was in town for a convention.  It has been many years since the guys have seen each other.  B Mc and my hubby have a lot of common interests, including baseball... so they went to the baseball game and caught up and had a good time.  I stayed home and watched  kids having fun in our pool and talked to the adults!  :)  It truly was good to see kids having fun in the pool... as it should be.

Sunday after church we went to the "Music on the Mountain" where we sat, listened to music and relaxed in some cooler weather for a couple of hours! After which we went to another baseball game last night. 

I have a phone interview for a job on either Tuesday or Wednesday.  They have yet to confirm which day it is.

With all of this I don't have much time for crafting.  Please be patient with me I will post new crafts as I get to them.

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  1. I do enjoy baseball too, but unlike Brian, I get bored! He's tried to explain to me how to keep score, but I must be a slow learner because I find it pretty confusing :)

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend!


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