Saturday, June 25, 2011

Laundry Area Clothes Hanger

This is my our laundry room ahem... area...

I have lots of shelving above my our washer and dryer

But there's no place to hang the shirts when I take them out of the dryer

When I was at Goodwill this morning I picked up one of those expandable shower curtain rods for $1.99.  I knew I wanted to use it above my washer and dryer area, but at the moment I purchased it I didn't know how I would be doing it.  Once I got home I had an idea... it would require 2 wire hangers and 2 hooks...

These are two "medium eye hooks" I opened them ever so slightly.  I put the eye hooks in the ceiling.

I 'flattened' the hangers.

and squeezed the hook end (the end that would normally hang on the rod in the closet) a little tighter.  I then hung the coat hangers from the eye hooks using the loop end, and then put the shower curtain rod on the hook end.  (The hanger I used on the right side needed to have the hook end bent up a little higher as the ceiling slopes down slightly to the right in this part of the house. The hook end on the other hanger for the left side I left it as is - other than squeezing it tighter.)

Wa-La... I have a Laundry Area Clothes Hanger!

The total cost for all the supplies:

$1.99 rod at Goodwill
 0.00 (2) eye hooks (from my stash)
 0.00 (2) wire clothes hangers (from my stash)
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  1. Haha! This is so clever. Way to create a solution to your problem...and a cheap solution at that!

  2. good morning--great idea -- and thinks for stopping by my blog..yes the wooden crate i pictured on my blog is an old milk crate that has metal dividers--have not seen one like that..i really love it....i LOVE the way you total out your projects so we can see the cost...
    --going to check out your pine needle baskets now!!...chris

  3. What a smart idea!


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