Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I've had this done for awhile, I just haven't gotten around to posting it.

I downloaded 3 different monkeys from Silhouette; one of them came with a tree.  I already had grass in my library.  I printed them out on paper first so I could decide exactly how I wanted to place them on the shirt.

So I printed from my Silhouette SD to my regular home printer onto regular plain ol' paper.

I cut around the images with scissors and placed them where I wanted them.  I had to turn the letters upside down so they would be the same as if I'd already ironed them on.

 I printed this onto regular t-shirt transfer that you can get anywhere.  I am VERY NEW to having the Silhouette and could not figure out how to have it cut a line around all the words as opposed to each individual letter and I was running out of patience so I just cut around everything by myself. 

(Did you notice the shirt color change?  I've decided that since this shirt is for my younger grandson I would put the monkeys on the green shirt, and use his blue shirt for his own train shirt like his big brother's.)

Did you notice how I even wrapped the tails around the tree branches?  Let me tell ya... that was not the smartest move I ever made!  DUH! What about the paper backing that you're wrapping the transfer with?  Ugh... So I have a tip for ya: DON'T DO THAT!  :)  I won't go into all the details of the frustrating parts of undoing that.  It's a lesson I won't soon forget!

Even with the lessons I learned in the process, I like the shirt and the outcome... and most importantly I think the youngest grandson will enjoy it too!

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  1. THAT IS SO CUTE! That was quite a project to take on without being totally familiar with the Silhouette yet! Great job!

  2. Your grandson will go ape for the t-shirt!

  3. I am so impressed! Really sweet! xo Malia

  4. Thank you everyone! I truly appreciate the comments and your stopping by!


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