Monday, September 12, 2011

Can you imagine...

Could you imagine sitting across from this super cute pair and not noticing them for 3 days??

I had a friend over the other day and I was talking about my Raggedy Ann and Andy that I had made when I was in... hmmm... high school???  I got them out and showed them to her and then they sat in this chair.  My husband asked me yesterday, "How long have those dolls been there?" I said, "Three days."  He said, "I just noticed them today."  They are just SUPER CUTE!  How could you NOT notice them???  (He sits directly across from them every time he sits on the couch!)

Andy, being the man, decided he would show off the matching tattoos they have.  (It's not proper for a lady to bare her chest for photos.)

Isn't it WONDERFUL?!?!  After all these years, they still look at each other longingly... 

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  1. It's amazing what my husband doesn't notice around here. I love Raggedy Ann & Andy! My childhood bedroom was all Raggedy Ann & Andy. Loved it. Now I read my DD the stories.


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