Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Totem Pole Cupboard

Before I met my husband in 2004 I had this cupboard that has been used for storing MANY different things.  I don't have any "true" before pictures that I can find.  I took these photos today.  I know I've taken photos before, but where they are... I have not a clue.  All of the sides of this cupboard looked like this in the "before".

Currently this cupboard stores mostly blankets.  Although it does store my beaded Christmas tree under the glass dome.

After I moved in with my husband (that was a joy - combining two complete houses into one!)  I told him one day that I would like to have a "Totem Pole" on the door of the cupboard.  At this point in our lives I did not totally understand how talented my husband is.  Before I knew it he was researching on the Internet and printed out 4 animal pictures that were 2" x 3" or maybe 4" x 5" (I've since lost them - amazing what moving does!)

My husband first drew the pictures onto the cupboard door then he painted my Totem Pole for me!


What a great guy!!  

For those that may be curious:
     The round Indian picture is a puzzle that my kids did for us as a gift.  They hired a guy to make the frame for us.  I stained it, and just haven't decided 100% where I want to put it.
     The rug hanging was one that my maternal grandmother made - from a picture!  I have the picture pinned on the back.  I *LOVE* it!

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  1. Wow! That's awesome!

  2. Wow...I didn't know your dh was that talented either...why didn't I ever see this? Amazing!

  3. Gorgeous!!! Thank you for sharing. And of course I love the rug hanging on the wall. I also have a piece (nature scene) made by our grandmother and cherish it as much as you cherish your rug.

    Love from your sister, Marty

  4. Wow! What a neat piece of artwork. Your hubby is talented!

  5. The puzzle and the frame was actually mostly me. But you are right, it was a gift from the both of us. And your hubby is very talented. :)

  6. The last comment is from your son, btw. LOL


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