Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Writer's Block! EEK!

I'm sure this is something many of you have experienced...

Writer's Block!  EEK!

What should I post about?

I've been busy, but nothing seems "post worthy".

My husband and I are going to go visit the kids for Thanksgiving!! (They are in FAR northern Nevada and we are in southern Arizona.)  We have a house sitter staying to take care of the girls.   They have family coming in from out of town and they have a small house and were planning on getting a couple of hotel rooms.  So... they house sit, take care of our girls, and get beds and showers.  Sounds like a good deal for everyone!  Our lovely neighbor has been the main source of taking care of the girls while we're gone. We *LOVE* our neighbor they have helped us out SO MANY TIMES.

Meegan: she's on meds so she either needs a house sitter or for the neighbor to come over and take care of them.  I had Meegan when my husband and I met.  In fact it was because of Meegan that he bent down to pet her... and the rest as they say is history.  Meegan is 100% Pure Pound Puppy as I like to say.  But... our best guess is that she's Queensland Healer.

Meegan has adopted the recliner n couch as her 'safe place' from the pesky Matilda

Then there's Momma Kitty:  (She is also "pre-hubby") Several several years ago she was injured.  We don't know if she was hit by a car or hit by someone with a baseball bat, but she came home with her leg broken in 3 places.  The vet had to end up taking out a piece of bone that was about 1/4" long.  She has done well all these years, but she now has nearly worn out her hip socket, and has a hard time walking (even standing sometimes).  She has no teeth left but still eats hard food (it's her choice we give her soft as well, but OFTEN is caught spied eating the dog food!)  Momma Kitty is my kind of cat.  She's not one that wants a lot of cuddle time.  She's pretty quiet and pretty independent.  She used to be the very best mouser and gopher hunter around.  Now... she's just retired. 

Matilda:  Oh my... Matilda is a Miniature Australian Shepherd that is convinced that the world belongs to her and she is the queen.  She is my hubby's dog.  We got her December 2006 when we still lived in FAR Northern Nevada.  We have to keep her shaved here in Southern Arizona as she gets way too hot.  She thinks ALL of the dog bones and toys are HERS and only hers.  She has been known to go up to Meegan and just take them away from her.  See below, she is even protecting HER toy from Meegan getting it.  Meegan, the elder and wiser of the two knows when to choose her battles.

I'm wrapping Christmas gifts getting them ready to take with us as putting them in the car is much cheaper than shipping them.  I doubt I'll get one project done for the grandsons before we leave... but the cost of shipping one small light package as opposed to several is quite a bit of difference!

Once we get there my daughter and the rest of her household's gifts will go to my son's house.  My son's gifts will go to my daughter's house.  That way there's no early peeking!!  :)

I’m working hard to get the football ornament completed.  I need to take it with us so the friends  that ordered it can pick it up since we’ll be “in the neighborhood”.

So  see… it’s not that I’m not busy…
But... I'm fairly certain you don't want to hear me talk about wrapping Christmas gifts, or cleaning house before the house sitter gets here... or... ... Pin It Now!


  1. I've never heard of a miniature australian shepherd! She must be a handful! The dog we're taking care of is Australian Shepherd, and boy is he ornery if he doesn't get played with enough, and his "enough" is a lot!

  2. I think that is a great win/win on the house sitter thing! brilliant in fact!
    your furbabies are adorable! Here-2 kittos and 1 dog. (grand dog)
    I think it's really neat that you transport the packages and hand them off to the sibling! hahaha A momma's always gotta be thinkin'
    good luck!


  3. I get writer block a lot- often because I worry about my writing. Your post here was just fine! Your "furbabies" are adorable!

  4. Lovely Light: Thank you for stopping by! I could not email you as you're a "no-reply blogger"


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