Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Camera Battery Box

My husband prefers to buy those soft fishing tackle bags from Walmart (for example).  In those bags come plastic boxes that you're supposed to sort your fishing tackle with.  At baseball games my husband takes a LOT of photos and goes through more than one set of batteries.  We try to use the rechargeable kind so we need to know which batteries are alive and well and which are dead and need to be recharged. (When you just throw them into the camera bag it gets confusing.)

Box pulled out of the fishing tackle bag

Remove the blue dividers
I used red and green construction paper
measure width
Cut the strips and put into the rows
Write on them "Red is Dead"  -  "Green for Go"

Add the blue dividers and batteries into the appropriate spaces

We never got confused after having this box to keep our batteries in as to which were ready to go and which were dead and needed recharged after I came up with this VERY EASY solution!

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