Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Even though I'm done sanding my in progress project I have yet to start painting it. 

I thought before I sanded it that I wanted to paint it green.
Then I was conflicting on which green, the light or the dark left over from the house.  (Or even go buy another green!)  This project will be in the front between the two windows that are painted dark green, but if you look at it from the front door you'll see it in the path of the light green wall in the photo posted in this entry and the the two windows of the first photo of this entry.

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So I've had an inner struggle... if I paint it the dark green... will that be too much in the front of the house?
If I paint it the light green will you be able to see it when you look down the sidewalk and see that light green wall... decisions... decisions...  Or even when you look at it from the front; Will the light green blend in too easily with the tan brick???

Word Clip-Art


So... I think I finally have it!!!

Word Clip-Art
My friend Theophanie was over the other night and suggested staining it and then using beeswax on it.  (This is something my husband nearly always does.)  I said, "Yeah... but there are different kinds of woods... I'm not sure it would look good."  So... I talked it over with my husband and he agrees with Theophanie I should just stain it... So!  Now that I am now excited about staining it I will get to it!!  

I truly think that is why I just couldn't paint it... it wasn't right for the project.

I need to get the item made for my first blogiversary giveaway first though... so hopefully that will go quickly!  : )

Have you ever been like that?  Stalling on a project because subconsciously you knew what you had planned just wasn't right for that project?

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  1. I stall a LOT! lol
    good luck Toqua, I can't wait to see it!


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