Monday, June 18, 2012

Hanging Pot Fix

Earlier this spring it was time to re-do the plants in my hanging pots.  Sadly one of my pots had a broken hanger.

See?  I have 2 of the 3 hangers.  (Dang plastic!!)  The pot is perfectly good.  Here's how I fixed it...


"On the farm" we always had bailing wire... now days I buy it by the spool at the local hardware store (this particular spool came from Ace.)  In my stash of "I might need it some day" I had the three nuts shown above sitting on the spool.

I measured the wire to be a little longer than the plastic hangers, folded the wire in half and cut it off the spool - times 3.

I slipped on one of the nuts, then twisted the wire.

Again, I did this - times 3.
I had to hold the nut with the pliers and twist the wire with the other pliers.  If your hands / fingers are stronger than mine you could succeed with holding the nut(s) with your fingers.

Insert the wires up through the holes in the pot leaving the nuts on the bottom side. I then wrapped the hook base with wire (1) and created a circle the same as the plastic circle or "donut" (2),  I then wrapped the 3 hanger wires through the donut (3) coming from each side of the donut...

See the nut at the bottom of the hole and is supporting the pot?

For each hanger wire I put one end of the wire in through each side of the "donut"

I then twisted the wires around each hanging wire that I was attaching to the "donut"

It's not the prettiest... but the plants are hanging like I want...

And everyone is supposed to be looking at the flowers not the hanger... right??

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  1. great job Toqua! I like the way you salvaged the pot. the flowers are very pretty. I'm surprised that you can grow hanging pots must have to water them twice a day.
    I hope your week is off to a good start.

  2. good job on your repair! feels good to fix something doesn't it! i love it when i get to fix stuff!

  3. I like your detailed diagrams! Great job saving the pot! Most of my plants are done for the summer now, unfortunately. I've been forgetting to water them every day!

  4. So, so clever Toqua! Beautifully done, my friend!

  5. Thanks for the diagrams! I am thinking of doing this when winter is over. As I need to hang pots to stop my dog from eating the flowers!

    Thanks for linking up to the And Sew We Craft Together linky party!

  6. Such a clever way to fix your baskets. Thank you for sharing!


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