Monday, June 4, 2012

Hey you! Yes YOU! You're Being Videotaped

Unfortunately my son has felt the need to put up a video camera to protect his dogs and property.  Legally you have to post that you are videotaping so I made him this sign to post.

My son sent me a photo of a sign.  I used this photo as a guideline.  I am not sure where he got the photo from, but I found at least four different security type sites that showed the very same sign for sale.  Here is my version of the sign.

I purchased a 1 x 12 piece of pine.  I cut it to a 12" length and painted the board white on all sides.

In my Silhouette SD program I designed the yellow stripe, the letters, and the smiley face.
I went to Expressions Vinyl and ordered outdoor vinyl once I knew what colors I wanted to use.

I cut out the stripe and used a transfer sheet to apply the stripe, I simply eyeballed the placement

I have not purchased an official scraper or hook, but these items work for me.  Once I have the placement where I want it I rubbed the vinyl on and pulled off the transfer sheet.

While cutting the wording out, I have the non-blue items moved off the cutting area

Weeding out the excess

After weeding out the centers of the o's, a's, e's...

Placing the lettering using the transfer material, measuring each side to ensure it is straight

Measuring the right side.  I used the same transfer sheet for the whole process.

Added the smiley, measuring the sides, eyeballing the vertical placement.  I added the black by hand, no transfer sheet for that! 
I also sprayed the sign with a UV Clear Spray Paint since the sign has to be outside.

Hopefully this will last my son awhile so I don't have to make him a new one soon... not that it was hard by any means! 

Finished photo added later:

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  1. Thank you!! :-). Love ya

  2. I didn't know you had to legally put that you were videotaping. Love the sign though. I'm a new blog follower from a blog hop, it would be great if you stopped on by and followed me at

  3. Very nice of you to have created such a nice sign! I hope it lasts a really long time, I like that you gave it a UV protectorate. I don't know much about creating signs, but I think that will be helpful :).

  4. I'm sure your son appreciates having such a handy mom. Great sign! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  5. this is a great idea and the sign is great! Thanks for visiting and your nice comments!

  6. That's too bad that he even had a need for the sign, but at least he has a cute one now! Thanks for visiting me at

  7. Thanks for linking up to Magical Monday Meme blog hop ~ ^_^

    Fun post! ~ thanks, ^_^

  8. how sad that he has to video tape.

    I hope the sign works!
    You did a fabulous job, moms are great to have around!

  9. Wow...I can't believe he has to put up a surveillance camera! You did a wonderful job on the sign! Hugs to ya!

  10. Sad that your son has to video order to protect his domain. Even more sad...he has to post that he is doing so, on his own property...for his own protection.

    First Amendment loop holes.
    too much government...
    so far I'm loving reading your blog. Must say...diversity keeps me coming back to the blogs I like most!



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