Sunday, August 19, 2012

No Soliciting

My daughter decided she wanted a "No Soliciting" sign.  So who'd she call? Mom!  :) (Que "GhostBuster's" Original Theme Song video here... ... :)

The first thing I did was to email her several options off the 'net so I would know what style of sign she wanted.  (I learned a looooooong time ago I could not make choices for my daughter.)

After poking an prodding her for an answer (she is a single mom working a full time job so I do have to remind her of things from time to time) she finally gave me her choice.  Her brother was coming with her oldest son for a visit, and I wanted to be sure to have it done so they could take it back with them.

I have some wood left over from the Videotape sign I made my son so I just cut off another piece for my daughter's sign.

In my Silhouette software I designed the layout.

I forgot which fonts I used, I went to look in the software, and it doesn't bring it up :(
I like to play around while I'm in the Silhouette software and this time I decided to fill in all the letters with black

I wanted to make sure the lettering would fit the sign.  Since I don't have the "Designers" package I cannot access the ruler.  So... I thought... hmmm... what about using the grid?  So I turned the grid on, and set the Spacing to be 1" and there to be 4 divisions (every quarter inch).

I measured my board, I could easily look at the lettering and see what size they are... I tweaked and this is what I ended up with.

We didn't have any 'true' white paint in the storage room, but we have "Navajo White" so I used this to paint the board on all sides, edges, corners etc.  I let it dry for a day and then painted another coat... just to be sure as this is going outside, and the weather where my kids live is HOT in the summer and COLD in the winter.  I am hoping the sign will last for awhile for her.
After cutting the letters out on the Silhouette machine I peeled away the negative parts of the vinyl.  I read once that if you peel from left to right it is easier.  This just seems like a natural direction for me so that's what I tend to do.

Here is all the negative stuff pulled off and out of the O's and E's etc

I found this roll of Removable Book Cover material at the dollar store awhile back.  It works GREAT for transferring the vinyl! And since the whole roll was $1 it's a GREAT price too!

I cut the Book Cover material to be a bit larger than the paper holding the vinyl lettering and I rubbed it on with my handy dandy little tool, I then removed the paper backing.

I eye-balled center and straight as best as I could on the board

Then I measured, using the line under No Soliciting as my guide, on the left

and measured on the right

And measured the left margin

and measured the right margin.  I then used that same handy dandy tool to rub the vinyl onto the board nice and hard, making sure it was all adhered.

Once I had it all rubbed on, I started pulling the 'transfer paper' pulling slowly, double checking along the way to make sure the vinyl is sticking to the painted board, I pull the 'transfer paper' away from the vinyl lettering.

Wa La!!  There's my sign!

I found a couple of eye hooks in my stash to use for hanging.  If you look REALLY close, you'll be able to tell they are not the same size.  But I figure... if you are looking that close to see if they're the same size you're not paying enough attention to what the sign says anyway!  :)  So... I measure my distance in from the right end to make my mark to drill a starter hole for the eye hooks

And... I measure from the left side to mark my spot

I drilled the pilot holes

And inserted the hooks.  It was at this point I decided I didn't like the silver look to the eye hooks.

In comes my little can of Black Rust-oleum

I had this piece of Styrofoam laying around from the inside of some box. When I saw it I thought, "That will be PERFECT to hold the eye hooks while they dry!"  So that's what I did.  Being enamel... it took awhile for them to dry, even in this AZ heat!

So... while the eye hooks were drying I got out my spool of "bailing wire".  See how I precisely measured it?  Since I've never done this type of hanger before I was definitely flying by the seat of my pants here!  I just decided a little bit longer than twice the width of the sign. 

I found this rod to wrap it around.  The diameter of the rod is about 1/4"

Once I pulled the wire off the rod, it ended up being just slightly longer than the width of the board.  Pretty good for just guessing if you ask me!

And... the finished product!  The wire through the black eye holes, and stretched out a bit to make a perfect hanger!  :)  I am pleased.  I sent a picture to my daughter... she is pleased too!
As with my son's sign I also coated this sign with UV protection.

My son was nice enough to go to my daughter's house and take this picture for me so I could show you the sign hanging on her fence.  :)  What a nice guy!!

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  1. super job mom! :) the sign looks great.
    nice explanation of the process.
    to get the font in the silhouette program, you have to turn the
    "text" box on. then it should show up on the right hand side.


  2. hehe it looks great,I need to make myself a no soliciting sign too. I love how neat it's turned out.

  3. I love the fact that this is FUNNY--I've had a No Soliciting sign for years but the touch of humor is so classy! Visiting from Coastal Charm. ~Christy


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