Sunday, September 2, 2012

Twin Spool Beaded Ornaments

Quite awhile ago I was looking around on the net and I came across beaded spool ornaments.  So I decided my  first beaded spool ornament project would be for the twins I gave the baby shower for.  

Want to see some along the way photos?
Want to see how I made those hooks?

Firstly I purchased the pattern for the spool.  You can find it here

This is my work space.  I put everything on a tray and work on my lap. I have just started the beading.  As you can see I actually work the beading around the spool.

I'm slightly further along with the beading here.  I use sticky pad sheets to keep track of where I am on my pattern.  This particular sticky paper is quite pink!
I have completed the first of two spools.

I adjusted the pattern to include the initials of the twins.

I felt I needed to make some sort of hanger for the beaded spools so it could be used as an ornament if so desired.  I used 18 gauge wire, wall plugs (both from the hardware store) and beads

Here is a close up of the wall plugs. 

Admittedly I don't really know what I'm doing here.  I just twist up some wire.  I know I want the spool to be able to sit on a counter top, if so desired, as well as to hang, if so desired.

As you can see from this picture the curled part of the wire isn't level, so I need to level it so the spool would sit on the counter top better.

I've added the wall plug for the wire.  My intention for this is that it would help close the extra space in the center of the spool so it won't be so wobbly.

If you look in the center you can see the wall plug.

I have added a couple of beads and have bent the wire to start the hook.

I decide to use a bottle of acrylic paint as a guide for the hook so I can get some similarity between the two ornaments
I create the twisties at the end.

It 'looks' nice...
 But it doesn't sit on the counter top well, so I'm making adjustments

With the new wider stance on the twisting on the bottom the spool sits nicer.
I decided the hook was too long so I cut about an inch off of it and re-twisted the end.  I like it much better this way!
When I made the second beaded spool I knew I wanted it similar, but not identical as the twins are fraternal and not identical.  So instead of the pale yellow background I made it a pale green background and instead of the green baby carriage I made a yellow carriage.  I also switched the initials.  On the first spool the "J" is on the bottom while the "M" is on the top, but on the second spool the "M" is on the bottom while the "J" is on the top.

I decide I need to start out the bottom twist differently and opt to wrap the wire around a Sharpie.

I then fold the wire straight across

And then fold it straight up for the spool to sit on it.

And added the wall plug. 

This bottom twisting works SO MUCH BETTER!

The bottom sits more flush on the bottom of the spool too.  :)

I used different beads for the top of the second spool as well. The spools are similar, but not identical, just like the twins.  The twins mom thought they were adorable. 

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