Friday, February 1, 2013

How to Backup Your Blogger Blog

I was conversing with a blog friend awhile back, and sadly they were having troubles with their blog.  (Haven't we all at one time or another?)  I asked if she'd backed up her blog and she responded, "No. How do you do that?"  Here is what I told her:

From your home page click Design (top right)

From this page click Backup / Restore (top right)

Click Download full template (unless you are restoring your blog from a previous version)

Click OK

I have a file where I save my backups.
So choose where you want to do yours and save it there.
I also choose to add the date to the front of this file name as I also backup (export) in another place and I want them to be together.

With the adjustment in the file name:

Then for the other backup (export) I do:

Click on Settings (bottom left)

Click on “Other” (bottom left)

Then click on Export blog (top center)

Click on Download blog

Click “OK”

Click Save (if it is where you save your backups)

That’s it.

You are done.

I would recommend backing up your blog on a weekly basis... but if you're like I am here lately that would mean many more backups than posts! 

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