Friday, July 19, 2013

No Bake Watermelon Cake

Where I am working once a month we celebrate birthdays. This month one of the ladies from work made the cake for our celebration. 

Look at that yummy cake!!

Unfortunately We do not have a picture of the inside.  But you can check these sites for "inside" pictures of similar cakes: I Save A 2 Z, Paleo Cupboard, Vegan American Princess 

The actual "cake" part of the recipe is watermelon!  I'm not going to repeat the picture steps (1. I don't have those pictures and 2. The other sites I already listed show you very good step by step directions.)
 source: Word clip-art
Here is the recipe that the lady at work used (this is slightly different than the other sites):

Frosting: Fold together 8 oz thawed tub of cool whip and 8 oz yogurt of your choice
Pat dry the watermelon with paper towels, then apply frosting
Add almonds to frosting
Add your choice of fruit
Use toothpicks to keep fruit in place

How easy is that!?!?

And let me tell you... it was YUMMY!!

Easy and another cake option.

 source: Word clip-art

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