Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I've turned into a gobber!

I was taught when painting to use limited amounts of paint and to spread it out with the brush before getting more onto the brush. And to never ever just dunk the brush into the paint and "gob" it on. 

The wood that was used to be the trim, the pillars, and the beams on the outside of the house have more dips, holes, crevices etc than the bare bark on a tree!  Truly no exaggeration!  In order to fill all these dips, holes, crevices etc I have had to learn to “gob” on the paint.  Once the paint is on I spread it out as much as possible and even then have to take the tips of the bristles and do what I can to cram them into all the little crevices to get paint in all the darn little holes! 

Also, because of all of these lovely little dips, holes, crevices etc I can’t properly scrape the old paint off.  If I even attempted this I’d need to hire a professional sander with a professional sanding machine to sand the whole house!  I get off what I can… but it is simply IMPOSSIBLE to do a “proper” scraping job.  Therefore, hosing the house down with a “jet” stream will simply have to suffice!

I need to take more updated pictures.  By the time I got off the ladder today the sun was on the other side of the house… not good for taking pictures.

I will hopefully get new house pictures posted soon.

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  1. Painting is such a big messy job compared to all your other beautiful crafted work!

  2. Sharon, yes you are right... and I don't like painting nearly as much! It's a "have to" thing not a "want to" thing.


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