Thursday, March 10, 2011

We're gonna have babies!!

update below :)

We have a lot of doves where we live.  They reuse nests from the previous year if they are still there. 

In this picture you see some of the progress I've made in painting:
I'm not real sure I like the lighter green on the lower board, but my husband likes it... so I'll leave it be.  I have the security / screen door open so you can see the entry way.  Behind the pillar that is in the left of this picture, next to the ore cart is where we are gonna have babies.  It also makes it easy for us to watch from inside the house since it's so close to the window.  We use the front door as the main entrance so they are used to us going in and out. 
I always stop and talk to momma, she looks at me like she seems to understand what I'm saying.  :)
Momma is very attentive... but while she was out for a break (all moms need a break) I was able to get pictures of the eggs.

This morning I noticed  a lot of activity.  Both mom and dad were adding more sticks.  (I took this picture from inside the house.)

We have Palo Verde trees here and they drop a lot of "needles" that are about the same diameter as "pine needles" but not nearly as stiff.  I'm assuming it's dad that's holding the Palo Verde tree needle waiting for mom to say it's ok for him to add it to the nest.

March 18, 2011
I went to check on the babies today, there are MORE eggs!  :)  I now see 4 eggs!  They have built up the sides of the nest to the point that I had to tip the nest to allow the camera to see inside.

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  1. So cute! Hope you get some good pictures of the babies to share!

  2. Mama Spaghetti, I will most certainly do my best! :)
    Thank you for stopping by!

  3. I've done some research and discovered that with Mourning Doves (which we have here) both Mom and Dad sit on the nest as well as feed the babies. It sure makes the parenting role a lot easier with two parents!

  4. Oh how cute!! Cant wait to see the babies.

  5. I keep looking for a break when mom and dad aren't sitting on the nest. Hopefully I will be able to get pictures of the babies!

  6. What a beautiful, magical blessing!

  7. Sadly, something has happened... Mom and Dad are no longer on the nest. I don't know if something happened to them, or if something else happened. In the last photo above there are 4 eggs. I carefully looked in the nest and there are 3 eggs left... but Mom and Dad are no where to be found. :(


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