Friday, April 8, 2011

House Painting Update

I know... I am way past due for this update.  But I promise you I've been busy!  Because I'm behind in posting updated pictures of the house painting project there will be a lot of pictures here. By the way I'm ready for it to be DONE! But... I'm not... so there will be more updates.

The bird nest is down, and I've cleaned up the mess (I won't go into details on that part!)

We were at Lowe's the other day to buy some wood to frame in the back door to the garage and I saw these beautiful hanging potted plants... I had to have them!

The door is framed in!  Thank you hubby!!  This part of the house is an addition to the original house.  Whoever did the addition did a HORRIBLE job!! I will paint the frame around the door and the window the dark green.  I've gotten all the little nooks and crannies painted the lighter green

This whole side of the house has been painted.  You cannot really tell from this picture but the corner molding on this very corner had to be replaced (it needed replaced when we bought the house).  Someone had tried to piece it and it just fell apart.  It is now one solid piece.  Hubby, Thank you again!  I think whoever painted the house before used a spray gun, and I think they sprayed the sun screens... I'm not 100% positive... but...

The sun screens on the set of windows closest to the door were hung so crooked that once I paint the frames the dark green it would have REALLY shown (before when all was one color - it didn't matter).  So, I took them down and now I'm waiting for Hubby to help me get them lined up so I can put them back up.

And around another corner.  The frame around this window will be painted the darker green as well.

This was taken after I rolled the ceiling of the front porch.  We have sidewalk under this porch area, so I've taped down plastic over the whole sidewalk.

Same front porch, looking the other way.  The front screen / security door is open and you can see the entry where I started this painting project!  You can also see that I will have to paint the eave the rest of the length of the house, and around that corner for the width of the house.

This is after I've painted in the nooks and crannies.  The ceilings and eaves are being /will be painted with the darker green.

This end of the front porch after the nooks and crannies have been painted.  Where the lighter green beam is on the left, the eave hangs out beyond that.  We'll just say painting there is "challenging".
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  1. Oh man! I feel your pain. I painted dozens and dozens of those "boxes" on the underhangs of my house. It is such a pain! Good luck, and great work!

  2. It looks good! I know it's a lot of work, but you're doing great! And I love those flower baskets!!

  3. Thank you ladies! I appreciate your stopping by.


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