Monday, April 4, 2011

New and Recycled

When we first moved into our house we had a water fountain in our back yard.  We worked to get it hooked up, and decided that we wanted to add "Tommy the Turtle" as a fun little item.  We SOON realized that there was a leak in the fountain as the water would only last about 1 day. 

I really like water features, so not having this option certainly disappointed me.  I finally decided recently that I wanted to buy a bird bath and after visiting a friend's house confirmed it for me.  So, we went and purchased a bird bath a couple of days ago.  This morning my husband and I did the work to remove the fountian.  Trust me this was not an easy project!  Especially the bottom portion!  We discovered this is the portion that had the leak, it was cracked on the bottom more than 1/2 the width of the 'pool'.  We had to use a sledge hammer to break this piece into pieces so it could be lifted... and since it was already cracked... ... what the heck!

I put up the bird bath that we purchased and decided it looked kind of lonely!  So (after my husband had already moved everything away from the area) I decided I'd make bird baths out of the other pieces!!  (This meant that he had to move them back.  He wasn't horribly happy with me... but what the heck.)

Then I moved in some plants...

Tommy the Turtle found a place atop one of the bird baths too!  :) 

It's hard to see all the plants because they are babies, but I've circled them for you here...

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  1. I like fountains. I kind of want one! :-)

  2. Cute!! It looks great.

  3. Way to go making lemonade out of lemons!!! You go girl! Thanks for coming by and leaving your great "praise" report! So glad for your daughter and her new're right) getting all the ducks in a row before the government shuts down tomorrow! ugh!!!

  4. I love water features and birdbaths! the turtle is so cute!

  5. Gail, Thank you! I think Tommy the Turtle is cute too!


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