Thursday, July 28, 2011

Camouflage Pants for D

When I was on my most recent "Working Vacations" I gave my grandsons shirts.  One of the shirts I gave to my oldest (6 yrs old) was a camouflage t-shirt. He is going hunting this fall with Poppa so the camouflage shirt will come in handy.  D told me thank you for the camouflage shirt and then asked, "But Grandma, where are the pants?"  {Insert refraining from laughing} I said, "You want camouflage pants to go with your shirt so when you go hunting with Poppa Scott you can have the pants too?"  D said, "Yes."  I asked him, "Do you want Grandma to make them for you?"  He said, "Yes please."  I said, "OK, but you have to wait until after Grandma gets home, ok?" He said, "OK".

I grabbed a pair of his pants that fit him and brought them home with me to use for a pattern.

Several years ago... (2006 or 2007) I made everyone fleece blankets for Christmas.  I'd buy the yardage and then edge it with Satin Blanket Binding

I made my husband a camouflage blanket and I had about a yard left of the material.

I had also used part of the left overs for a Halloween costume I'd made for D as well.  He wanted to be a pumpkin in 2009.  It gets REALLY COLD where they are at Halloween, so he needs to be warm, thus the black sweat pants, orange sweat shirt, and the stocking cap I crocheted.  I cut out leaves from the left-over material so he could have leaves on his stem.  The "vest" of the costume is made so towels or newspaper or something can be stuffed into it to add dimension to the costume.

 He then decided that he also wanted to wear a pumpkin mask!

Ahem... sorry...

Back to the camo pants...

The first thing I did was to lay the pants I brought home with me onto a roll of brown paper my husband had purchased a couple of years ago for soooomething...  I used a Sharpie to trace them...

and back...

Once I had the patterns drawn out I cut them out and double checked the length of the outside of the pant legs, and the inside of the pant legs.  The inside seam was not even, so I had to adjust that, and therefore had to adjust the front seam area (the reason for the tape you see in this picture following.)

(If you look in the above picture you will notice that I cut wider than the lines to adjust for seams. Also my daughter said that the pants needed to be longer than the light tan ones I brought home... therefore the extra length on the pant legs.)

I decided that D would have an easier time getting dressed if he could easily tell the difference between front and back.  The easiest way to do that would be if there was a tag in the back.  Hmmm... what do I do for a tag??


Oh! I've got an idea!!

I'll be right back... I need to go look for... ... ...

Oh... this will work!  Some scrap seam binding and a gold paint pen!

It's kind of hard to tell here, but when my mother was teaching me to sew she said to always double the seam allowance in the crotch area of pants.  I am about 4" back from the center seam on the inside seam allowance.  I will sew all the way to the hem of the pant leg.  I will then start about the same 4" on the pant leg I just sewed and go across the center seam down to the other pant leg hem line.

After sewing all the basics together I put elastic in the hems and the waist.  I made the elastic at the hem line loose so he wouldn't have any problems getting it over his feet / shoes when the time comes.

I put the tag in the back on the seam...

The finished product is slightly bigger than the original pair of pants, but longer (as requested by my daughter).

Ta Da!
One pair of Camouflage pants for D!!

He is now outfitted to go hunting with Poppa Scott!

(If you're interested in the instructions I have for the pumpkin costume, send me an email and I will get you what I have.  I did that prior to having my blog, so it may not be extremely detailed.)

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  1. Nice job! My son has a pair of camo pants that my mom made for my older sister when she was his age out of my dad's old shirt. So the pants are like 27 years old now! But I love them.


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