Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dolphin Lighthouse ornament - update

My last update on my Dolphin Lighthouse ornament showed how I had to adjust the pattern and... it showed the latest update for my beading.  I realize this was awhile ago (July 5th) and you may think I've not gotten that much done on it since... well... you'd be correct!  Please note though that on July 6th I left for 2 weeks to be with my kids and grandkids and I was a very busy Mom, Grandma, sorter of house and sheds, preparer for yard sale... ...

So... I now show you my very latest updatest update for the new ornament...

The first third is nearly complete!

So... what do you think? Is it looking like the pattern?
Scanning beads only does a certain amount of justice.  You cannot see the sparkle the water beads give, or even some of the dolphin beads give... it's hard to photograph that as well... but this does give you an idea. Pin It Now!

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