Sunday, July 24, 2011

How much netting goes into a scrubber?

Before I left for my working vacation with my kids I tried to make sure my hubby was all set to take care of himself.  This included a new scrubber and brush set (with wooden handles) for his bathroom.  When I returned home look what I found in his bathroom trash...

So I pulled it out of the trash, and kept pulling, and kept pulling... Do you have any idea how much netting goes into a scrubber??   

11 feet!!  Yep... 11 feet of netting.

I have a scrubber in my shower that I have used for years so I decided to get it out and check to see how it is put together.  It's hard to see, but there's string wrapped around the netting.

So because my husband already broke the string that was wrapped around his scrubber I decided that I'd use a "manly" string, and I got my trusty roll of jute down

After I cut off about 12 inches of jute I wrapped one end with scotch tape so it would be somewhat similar to a shoelace.  I then looked again, and a bit closer at the scrubber from my shower.

I notice there are two holes.  You cannot tell in any of the pictures I have of the wooden handle, but there is only one hole in the wooden handle, so I decided to take it out and drill another hole in the wooden handle.  (If you look close you may be able to see the tape on the end of the jute.)

I wrapped the netting around my hand so I could then tie it to the handle.

I decided after I got to this point that my hand wasn't wide enough for this project (I am sure there is a blessing in that comment).

So, I unwrapped it, and re-wrapped it around a book:

Then I tied it onto the wooden handle

And I spread the layers of the netting apart

I re-laced the jute through the holes and tied it on the other side until I got to the end of the jute.  At one point I got out one of my crochet hooks to pull the string through from one side to the other.  So, not only is it tied with "manly" string... it has 2 or 3 layers of the "manly" string!  LOL

The scrubber is fixed and hanging next to the brush in my husband's shower again...

All of this for a $3.00 scrubber!!  LOL
But... it was cheaper to fix it (with "manly" string), than it was to go buy another! Pin It Now!


  1. That is a lot of netting...who knew!? If there is ever a trivia question...I know can guestimate the answer. Hoep that manly string holds up!

  2. How creative. I would have never thought to make one myself. I will have to put this on my pintrest for things to make. Thanks for the tutorial and thanks for stopping by!


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