Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dolphin Lighthouse ornament

I had 1/3 of the first third of my newest ornament pattern beaded when it dawned on me that it wasn't going to be long enough to go around the ornament.  I double checked my pattern, I had the right number of beads selected... then it dawned on me... I used the wrong stitch in the program to create my pattern! DOH!  I've tried in the past to just change the stitch, but that just doesn't work... I've had to completely redo my pattern.  So here is the 'new' pattern
If you read it states it's designed in the brick stitch, but I put it together using the peyote stitch... weird I know... but that's how I manipulate the program to get it to work for me.

I have started this pattern 3 times, and torn it out twice to get the colors I want.  Sometimes the program's colors of the beads are not what they really look like when I take the beads out of the container.  Here is my progress on beading it.  I'm not quite 1/2 done with the first third of the ornament.

I put a ruler down with it so you can see the size of it.  When it gets completely to the 1/2 point of each of the thirds it will be 3 1/2 inches long.
I am leaving for some time with my kids and grandkids.  I will take my beading with me so hopefully I'll be able to get some done while I am gone, but I am not making any guarantees!!  :) Pin It Now!


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