Thursday, July 7, 2011

Not Guilty!

When I very first heard those words, "Not Guilty" my most immediate response was, "It must not have been proven beyond a doubt."  My husband agreed with me.  We dropped it and never really spoke about it after that.  We did not watch the Casey Anthony trial on TV more than once or twice... that kind of stuff BORES me to death!!! The one time that my husband did have the trial on... I swear I did not hear but 5 words of what was said while he was watching it.  A half an hour to 45 minutes probably went by before he said, "BORING...!" and turned it to something else himself.

I was a bit shocked (not hugely - but a bit) when I kept reading and hearing that the majority of people felt she was guilty (each entitled to their own opinion) even though they were not in the courtroom and hearing all of the evidence.

State attorney Lawson Lamar said, "this is a very very difficult case to prove." I like what he said, 'although he is disappointed he never ever criticizes a jury,' "Our mountain of evidence did not eliminate reasonable doubt in the jury..."  I thought this was a very good response by the State Attorney.

I happened to read this blog by Her Cup Runs Over and felt it was good enough to share with you.

Not Guilty...
We all heard the verdict yesterday.  And admittedly, I was shocked.  I looked at the t.v. screen intensely as the court was preparing to begin the reading.  I looked at the mother on trial.  I wondered how she was feeling moments away from hearing her fate.  I tried to put myself in her seat, it was difficult.  [...]

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