Saturday, July 9, 2011

Grandma, Mom ... ... (updated daily)

I will try to update this daily to keep y'all posted as to what is going on  while I'm gone away from home being Grandma and Mom (and whatever other hat I can find while I'm here!)

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Thursday, July 7, 2011
Finally I am "home" from being with the grandkids and my daughter the majority of the day. I even got to sneak in a visit to my dear friend Jeanne and to see what wonderful things she has done to her house! It has been a busy day! I have church bulletins to prep and then beddy bye land... ahhh... taking at least the oldest grandson to the library tomorrow.   :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Had a busy day today Started out taking the ad to the newspaper for the yard sale, took both grand boys to the library to paint masks & check out books, trimmed the son's tree, cleaned up his yard a bit, went butterfly hunting, fixed dinner, cleaned kitchen area, emptied dishwasher & filled back up again. I'm one pooped grandma!
Saturday, July 9, 2011  
Yet another busy day. Started with a trip to the "Frugal Flamingo" found the boys a Spider-man bed set for $12, had lunch with youngest grandson, friends, and daughter. Lunch lasted longer than I had planned, had to delay a visit with friend Billie (and to see her new house!) until tomorrow.  Cleaned / organized my son's kitchen drawers & cupboards. (I’m collecting stuff for the yard sale already!) My daughter, youngest grandson and I went to a friend’s house so she could show my daughter carpal tunnel exercises. We went to yet another friend’s for a birthday BBQ. Took clothes to oldest grandson at other grandparents and spent some visiting time. How does each night end up with me getting home at 11:00??  The oldest grandson gets to go rabbit hunting with Poppa tomorrow.  He is SO EXCITED!

Sunday, July 10, 2011 (posted on Monday) 

 I was getting ready to post about yesterday when for whatever reason the Internet went down... figured it was God telling me it was simply time for bed! Yesterday I had a pretty lazy day. I went to visit my friend Billie, to see her new abode, and her family. After which I went to "the other Grandma's house" (my oldest grandson's other grandma). We sat and crafted together. I did my beading (the first chance I've had since I've been gone) and she worked on her scrap booking stuff. We chatted and shared our grandson together. It was a very nice and relaxing day! I then took my grandson home (he had spent the night at Grandma and Poppa's house) so his mom (my daughter) could see her son before she had to go to work this morning. I stayed for dinner, my son came over after he got off work and had a shower. We then left so Vellora could get the boys to bed. Vincint and I proceeded to play his Kinect for a bit... we both got pretty worn out pretty quickly as we're both pretty out of shape.

Monday, July 11, 2011
Today I met a friend for lunch. We've been friends for 20 +/- years... she's always liked the way I cut her hair (no, I've never been trained professionally, only through life experience and necessity) so I cut her hair for her. My daughter called. she was on her lunch hour so she came and joined us. I went to one of my OLD places of employment (from 15+ years ago) and saw an old boss (also ex-neighbor from many moons ago). I picked up "my boys" about 3:15 PM. We went to visit one of my daughter's friends for a bit, then we went to the dollar store. They have these butterflies on wires that you stick into the ground for yard decorations and my oldest grandson is CrAzY about butterflies right now. After the grand boys and I got back to my son's house we ahem... "I" (seems that the boys were distracted by all of the dragonflies in the yard and they wanted to catch them) cleaned up the yard as my son had told me he wanted to mow when he got home from work. I thought it would be nice of me to get all the dog toys, tree branches, trash, etc picked up before he got home so he didn't have to do it himself. My daughter went to go spend some time with some friends for a bit without the kids. :) It's always nice to be able to do that (especially when Mom / Grandma is in town to babysit!!)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wow... What a busy day! Went to a half price sale at a second hand store. (Now that's my kind of shopping!!) Then took the boys (including my son) to breakfast. Once we returned to my son's house we got started on the shed. Vincint ended up making 3 trips to the dump today! First was for all the grass clippings as he cut his lawn last night, second was for all the tree branches I cut off the other day, and third was for all the "trash" that was tossed from the shed (so far!) While he was making the third trip, I went over to Vellora's house to make sure someone was there for when the delivery of the new bunk beds for the boys. Back at Vincint's we fixed hamburgers (with a choice of turkey, Morning Star Vegetable, or regular ol' beef), corn on the cob, and homemade sweet potato fries. Vellora and the kids came over, Vincint's friend came over... we had a house full for a bit. I was SO READY to rest by the end of the day!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011
My son-in-law, Mark (daughter's fiancé officially) called this morning and said that he was leaving for work early and asked if I could watch the boys early... so I started out my day with the boys at 10:00. 11:30 I had lunch with my friend Crystal! What a nice time that was! It's been way too long! While my son took the boys to McD's for lunch and to play in the play place. After lunch my son, Vincint, and I sorted through more boxes of "stuff"... who knew you could put so many boxes in a storage shed!?!?!? GEEZE!
The oldest grandson is a butterfly catching machine these days! We walked around the block just so he could go look for more butterflies! (He keeps them for a while then he lets them go, he doesn't want them to die.) Even though he saw butterflies, he didn't catch any today, so he settled for a grasshopper! LOL
After my son-in-law got off work he came and picked up the boys. His family was having a gathering at the park. When they were done Vellora and the kids came back over to Vincint's house, along with some friends, for cake and ice-cream (today's my bday shhh...)
Tomorrow is pricing day. We will get it all set up and priced and ready for the Friday morning rush for the yard sale.

Thursday, July 14, 2011
After we went and got the bunk bed, stacked washer / dryer, propane BBQ'er, and bicycle from Vellora this morning we've spent the rest of the day setting up and pricing. Thanx to a good friends help we were able to get our 6 tables worth (oops 7) of items set up and priced. That is not counting what simply does not fit on the tables. The neighbor purchased the BBQ'er from Vellora already. Good for her! 6 AM to be awake for the 7 AM opening is going to be hard to accomplish!
My oldest grandson caught 5 different butterflies today! What a professional! He had the monarch before we got to his house this morning... he let him go this afternoon. (Totally his decision!) He sees butterflies when I don't. He sure has his eyes tuned into spotting them!

Friday, July 15, 2011
It was a VERY LOOOONG day. I woke at 6 AM to get ready for the 7 AM starting of the yard sale. The first customer showed up at 6:45. There was a lot of big stuff sold. In the end there was $480 made, split between 3 people. So not a lot of money for any one person, but everyone made some money and my son's house and sheds have been mucked out!
THANK YOU SO MUCH TO my friend's: Tim for loaning us tables to use, Kim for more tables & joining us in the yard sale, Butch for all the help of pricing and running an errand for me to assist me while I was so busy with the yard sale. Pat for loaning us your muscles when we needed them, Jeanne F for coming to visit me while I was in town and your help at the store, Billie for coming to pick up all the leftover yard sale items to donate to "RELAY FOR LIFE" yard sale. To Vincint's friends Andy and Nichol; for hanging out with us, and Andy use of your muscles as well.
Vellora came over after she got off work to join us with the kids. We BBQ'd after we had everything all picked up. We helped Nichol get bridal shower invites made. Played video games with the oldest grandson and just generally had a nice time with everyone (and 4 dogs!)
After everyone left and Vincint and I were left to relax alone it did not take us long to realize just exactly how tired we were. I shut down my computer as I knew I was getting the fluttery eyes... only they were staying closed longer and longer... The next thing I knew Vincint came in to take the computer off my lap and turn my light off. I'm thinking that was about midnight...

Saturday, July 16, 2011
Boy howdy am I tired today! 

Vincint and I went to go see "Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows – Part 2" before he had to go to work night shift, about 1/2 hour into the ,movie something happened to the projector or some piece of equipment.  They told us that they'd get it fixed as soon as possible, but they did not know when that would be... we therefore decided we needed to go and get our money back as after watching the film Vincint would have had only a few minutes to finish getting ready for work.  So we still have not seen the movie!  We then went to the dump to take the last of the boxes and trash from cleaning out the sheds.  After we returned home Vincint laid down and took a nap and I started packing.  

When I came I brought two suitcases, one larger than the other (full of "stuff" for the kids and grandkids, and the other 1/2 full of stuff, and the rest was for my clothes.  The second suitcase will fit inside the first suitcase so my plan was to bring home only one suitcase... ... well... ... in the sorting I found things I'd forgotten I had!  (Vincint's house used to be my house before he bought it from me after I met my husband.)  Then the kids gave me birthday gifts, and Vincint gave things to my hubby... and... and... Guess what?  I'm taking home two FULL suitcases!!  LOL  :)  It's a good thing I packed light as far as clothes go!

Vellora and the kids and I went to dinner (our 'last supper' before I leave) and then went to the carnival that is in town.  Every time the youngest grandson got on the ride he didn't want to get off when it was done.  We had to drag him off crying from each ride he went on.  But then of course as soon as he saw another one he got all excited all over again and could barely wait for it to stop so he could get on the 'new' ride!  LOL  After a couple of hours of carnival the mosquitoes started attacking in full force... so we left and went to Vellora's house to get the kids to bed.  Grandma read her last night night story to the boys before leaving town.

I am sad to be leaving tomorrow... yet I will be glad to be getting back home to my hubby, my bed, my own pets, and my own house.

Monday, July 18, 2011
I have returned to Tucson
Returned to my hubby
Returned to my house
Returned to my pets
Returned to my bed...

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