Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I've been busy designing new ornaments and beading a business card holder.

I have an order for another business card holder and
1) dragon ornament
1) football themed ornament (Christmas gift)
3) horse themed ornaments (2 of which need to be completed by Oct 29th - all 3 need to be designed)

I currently use a very classy snack sized zip lock bag for my business cards:

I was (slightly) embarrassed to be carrying this "fancy" business card holder... I mean... I'm a CRAFTY person!  I thought it's time I craft something for MYSELF (unusual).

I didn't really know what I wanted, until I came across this 
Caribbean-island-themed business-card holder and bracelet by Rita Grossberg on the Bead & Button website.

This is what I've done thus far of one side.  I still have to do side two (as well as finish side one.) 

This is much classier than a zip lock bag don't you think???

When I get the current business card holder completed, I will post more pictures.

 Back to beading... ...

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  1. This is so cute!

    It would have never crossed my mind to make something like this. I am glad you are making it for yourself, too many people make things for others while neglecting themselves.

    Your ability to recreate the original is impressive! Because yours is slightly different and created completely by you, would it be possible to sell your pattern? Where is the best place to sell beading patterns?

    Your beading is so beautiful. I looks very difficult though. Have you ever considered teaching a class or creating a series of video tutorials?

  2. Medusa Hair,

    Thank you for stopping by!

    I still carry this business card holder today. It has held up VERY WELL!

    Beading is not difficult. I understand it looks scary, but it truly is not.

    I have never considered creating a series of video tutorials. Hmmm... Maybe I will have to invest in the equipment to do this! I will have to think about this. :)


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