Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dragon Tray

A while back my son asked me to keep an eye out for a tray that he can use in his house.  My son *LOVES* dragons.

I made him dragon-fire curtains.

I made him a dragon out of polymer clay during a class I took

I learned from this class that I need an actual pattern to follow.  It's much less stressful for me.

I made him a dragon ornament
This picture was from before I became a Dot Com

He has a collection of dragons that would make any dragon collector envious.

So... when it came to getting him a tray I knew it had to have a dragon on it.  I was not blogging when I purchased this tray so I do not have a before picture.  I found this black tray with red trim at a second hand store.  I was in Joann's a few days prior and had seen the gold dragon iron-on.  Although the tray is plastic, I felt I could iron-it onto the tray.  After I DID iron it on I also sprayed it with clear spray paint to help protect it. 

Afterwards I realized I should have paid more attention to where the handles were

My Dragon Son is quite happy with his dragon tray.  : )

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