Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hand Soap Dispenser

We have one of these pumps next to our kitchen sink faucet

Whenever we have company over they're always asking me where the hand soap is. (To ME it is obvious! Ha!)  So... Today a light bulb went off!

Word clip-art

I have a Silhouette AND I have vinyl!!

 So... in my Silhouette program I typed the words "hand soap" 

 I then resized it (I actually think it ended up being size 20 font)

Once I got it cut out on my teensy weensy piece of vinyl I set to putting the vinyl on the soap dispenser because I wasn't smart enough to use a teensy weensy piece of transfer paper.

After I put the letters on, I grabbed a piece of paper from a tablet (it was close) and put it on top of the vinyl and rubbed it down with my handy dandy pot scrubber from Pampered Chef.

(I also put a couple of layers of clear nail polish on top of the vinyl to seal it.)

Now my hand soap pump is titled!  : )

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  1. Fancy! I mod podged my soap bottles a while back. :) (Now if only I would refill them...)


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