Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Moonlit Dove

Oh my gosh!  It's been nearly 10 days since I've posted... I am SO SORRY!  I've been so engrossed in getting these ornaments done prior to the show that I look at beads all day long until I see beads even when I'm not looking at them!

A few days ago I posted about Three Horse Power and the ornaments I designed.  Moonlit Dove (the top of the three listed there) has a wider band on it than the others so therefore it takes longer to do it.  I finally got it done!  Yay!

I was having a "leaning day" when I took these photos, I am sorry.

In my stash I found these stars and moon metal beads.  When I saw them I said, "PERFECT" for Moonlit Dove!

I am nearly done with the next ornament.  Then off to the horse show on Friday!

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