Saturday, October 29, 2011

Weekend trip

This past weekend (OK... this didn't publish not sure why, so this weekend trip was actually October 15th and 16th)  my hubby and I went to Safford, AZ to attend a wedding.


We enjoyed the wedding on Saturday and decided on Sunday instead of quickly returning home we'd make a nice little trip out of it.

We decided we'd go to Chiricahua National Monument (here, here and here).  On our way there we stopped in Bowie 


We found a tee pee that is for sale

(We forgot our camera so all these pictures are taken with my cell phone... please excuse the quality.)

We teased the kids that this is our new house!  LOL

Onto Chiricahua National Monument...

This hillside is covered with prickly pear cactus

Since we were this close we also decided that we'd go visit the Cochise Stronghold

close up of the large plaque above

close up of the small plaque above
My hubby kept telling me about these mini horses near our house.  We were finally in the car at the same time so he could show me.

I call this guy "Buddy"

Here are a couple more of  Buddy's friends

and then... yet a couple more

Buddy decided he wanted to come over for a head scratch

Buddy waiting for me to come back from the car

Buddy saying, "Please take me with you! I love your scratches!"
He's my new "Buddy"
Aren't "Buddy" and his friends the cutest?

I hope you've been able to enjoy a weekend trip recently.  They're almost better than a whole long vacation... you don't get all worn out while you're gone.

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