Saturday, October 1, 2011

Wine Glass Rack

In our former home we had cupboards from which we attached wine glass hangers.

We even added lights to help with the lack of counter lighting.  It worked well for an extra special "bling" to the glasses as well.

When we moved to our current house (3+ yrs ago) there wasn't anyplace to put our wine glasses.

So... we had to come up with something...

I decided to make this creation...

Obviously I needed space to put the tablecloths and the napkins as well.

Want to know how I made it?

Well, we went to Target (I believe) and purchased two bookcases in the cherry stain.
I also went to World Market (I believe) and purchased two of their wooden (bamboo??) hanging wine glass racks.  I removed the chains that were attached.  (Of course I saved this chain!  I've used nearly all of it on other projects around the house.)

After removing the chains I put 4 screws through the racks into the top of the bookcase.

When the bookshelves came in their boxes there was some wood included to help make the boxes sturdier.  I used part of this wood to attach the two bookshelves together on the back side (didn't want the top bookshelf sliding off the lower bookshelf!)

I screwed the wood piece into the top bookshelf, and the bottom bookshelf.

(Please forgive these photos I just now took them with my cell.  I wasn't blogging back then and didn't think I'd need photos of these steps.)

I also made sure to use one of the wire thingy-ma-jigs that came with both bookshelves to secure the top bookshelf to the wall.

**Safety First**

This version of a Wine Glass Rack was several hundred dollars cheaper than anything we found to hold wine glasses at the time.

We've made really good use of this stand... even Baby Doll (rest in peace girl, we still miss you) thought it was a good place to use.

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  1. What a great idea! I must confess, until this post, I had not noticed the wine glasses; my eyes were drawn to the linens. :) How clever you are to have come up with that!

  2. This is so far a great idea for someone who wants extra ordinary cabinet. Aside from that this kind of arrangement saves space.


  3. Hannah, Yes, the cabinet saves space and that is something we need in this house!

    You have some beautiful water glasses at your site!

    Thank you for stopping by!

  4. very clever! great use of space. Your baby doll looks precious sleeping there. I'm sorry for your loss.


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