Monday, January 2, 2012

Napkin Pillows {Super Easy}

My friend Jen from Sunshine Greetings and her husband Jim are helping me out with a couple of posts this month. You even get to meet Jim!!

The first one is Napkin Pillows and these are SUPER EASY!!  Here's another idea for using napkins! Following is the email from Jen in December:

I've been looking for the past 6 months for new pillows for my sofa and most of you know how I am very particular as to what I want and how much I want to spend.  I think $20 dollars is just too much money to spend for new pillows.  I also do not like to sew if I can help it.  Besides, I never can seem to find the material that I want or like here.  Finally, this week while watching HGTV, one of the decorators mentioned buying napkins and using hem tape to cover old sofa pillows.  Well, I thought, I can do that and guess what?  It doesn't cost much at all and is very easy to do.

Jim also discovered that I could make pillows with two different sides so that I could have matching or not matching, too.  So instead of two pillows with one pillow combination.  I have 2 pillows with 3 pillow combinations for about $7 a pillow. (Sometimes, husbands can be very creative, too.)


4 napkins (2 sets of matching) (I bought mine at World market for $2.99 each)

1 roll of hem tape (I bought hem tape for heavy fabric at Michaels for $2.79 for 8 yards).
2 pairs of hands (you need two people to stuff the pillow and to hold it down for ironing final edge)
2 standard square sofa pillows
needle and thread


1.  Iron napkins flat to remove any fold lines  (You may need to pre-wash first if hem tape test won't adhere.)

2.  Check placement of front to backs if creating matching pillows
3.  Put wrong sides of two napkins together and place hem tape at the very edge between the two.
4.  Follow ironing directions on hem tape package and iron one side together
5.  Iron 2 more sides together
6.  Stuff pillow into the three sided sealed napkin cover
7.  Seal last edge with hem tape (you may have to whip stitch 2-4 inches like I did if the hem tape doesn't seal all the way)
8.  Place pillows on sofa and enjoy


The patterns of these two are quite similar, but they are different.

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  1. AWESOME Idea! Love that its so easy!

  2. great job Jen! I'm always looking for things to make into pillows, but never find anything within my budget!
    love the pillows!

  3. What a great idea! sorry I have been MIA! Hope you are having a wonderful new year! Hugs!


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