Friday, January 13, 2012

Oh My Gosh!

My friends, I feel as if I must apologize for not posting much lately.  I've been in a "slump".  I worked so hard on some ornaments for Christmas gifts. I made 5 in 2 1/2 months.

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Thankfully this dragon ornament didn't have to be ready ON Christmas, because I was actually a few days late.  We ended up trading this ornament with a friend who painted us this of our girls!

It may not sound like a lot to you.  But if you consider that each ornament is a minimum of 25 hours, that's a minimum of 125 hours of just beading.  That does not count the "prep and take down" of doing each ornament.  I previously designed the football themed one, designed the 3 horse ones (I started in October with designing those. Designing takes MANY hours!)  The dragon one is a purchased pattern.

I did design a Christmas / winter flag to replace my fall flag, but I never had time to do it. :(  I hope to get it done for next year! 
I had good intentions to make monster pajama pillows for my grandsons, but I never had time to make them.  :(  I hope to get them done either for Valentine's Day (or their birthdays if I don't make Valentine's Day).

I have made 2 1/2 trips in the November / December time frame.  My husband and I started out the Wednesday before Thanksgiving to go see the kids.  We had the car loaded with gifts.  The car broke down 3 hours away.  I am SO THANKFUL it broke down where it did as we drive many many miles in desert where there is no cell reception and no gas stations close by.  After my car got fixed my girlfriend Jen and I went to deliver packages and had a nice road trip.  Then my husband and I flew to Maryland to see his extended family I'd not met before.

Since I finished those ornaments I've been babysitting, sick (twice), helping friends, working on the church's website, helping to take down Christmas at the church, wrote the annual (normally Christmas, this year a new year) letter from my husband and me... ... You see... I have been quite busy... but not with things that are really post worthy (at least in my opinion!)

I hope everyone will forgive me.
I will get on the bandwagon again... soon (I hope).

I read a post The Trouble With Blogging by Amy Lynn Andrews that I really liked.  I was grateful to read this as I truly think I was feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Hugs and Blessings to you all.

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  1. Beautiful ornaments! Hey don't feel gets in our way!


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