Monday, January 16, 2012

Turning One Table into Two Bedside Tables

Friends I promised you a couple of projects from my friends Jim and Jen... but you're actually going to get THREE!  You are SO LUCKY!  There is one that I actually need to finish but due to illness, due to lack of umph, I've been busy so I haven't gotten to it yet.

This one Jen laid out the directions for me so nicely so it is easy for me to get it to you!  BONUS!


Side Table

4 1½“ Flat Head Wood Screws

1 Stain Touchup Pen

2 1”x2” board length of table

2 butterfly screws


Table saw with Fine Finish Blade




Marking Pencil

Straight Edge


         1. Find a small side table and refinish stain to match bedroom 

2.   Find center of table (Table can be cut crosswise or lengthwise).

3.   Draw a straight line down the center of table to mark line to saw in half.

4.    Saw table in half along line beginning with one side edge.


5.    Then saw the top of the table following marked line

6.    If needed touch up the sawed edges with the Stain Pen

7.    Insert a length of 1x2 board (wall support) between sides of table and pre-drill a hole for the wood screw to enter side of table into 1x2 board.

8.    Drill a countersink hole centered over pre-drilled hole for screw so that screw will lie flat.

9.   Screw in flathead screw into countersink hole until flush with side of table.

10. Repeat steps 7 through 9 for both halves of table until wall support is attached for both tables.

11. Pre-drill a screw hold into center of wall support

12. Create a hole in the wall where the wall support of the table will align for attaching bedside table to the wall and insert butterfly.

13. Start screw in bedside table wall support before screwing into butterfly

14. Finishing screwing beside table wall mount to wall and add bedside accessories.

15. Repeat steps 11 through 14 for other bedside table (centering bed between tables but allowing room for changing sheets and/or accessing electrical outlets).

16.  Enjoy your two bedside tables made from one side table!

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  1. Genius idea...I so want to do this and the tutorial is great!

  2. are so inventive! Love how you take things and revamp them!

  3. I did this several years ago with an oval table... such a sweet trick!
    Jen's turned out fabulous!

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  5. What a clever idea! I love how you re-purpose that side table. Amazing job!

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