Monday, February 13, 2012

A repurposed heart

I was blog surfing a few days ago (or was it a few weeks ago?? LOL)  I came across this Heart Wreath from Us and Them.  She also provides a link to Sweet Little Smoothie and her wreath.

I didn't have any wire handy so I grabbed an old hanger that's been hanging around... ;D

And I bent it into a heart-ish shape

I then went and looked in my bag of bags
 And I picked out several bags that have red on them.
  The holiday World market ones were the bestest ones! 
I cut the bottom off and then the top

 After I cut off both the ends I unfolded the sides of the bags and straightened them out

 I folded them in half and then proceeded to cut them into half

When I was cutting them into strips... it dawned on me... these scissors must be dull as they're not cutting very well...

Excuse me as I grab my sharpening tool so I can sharpen my scissors.  With this handy tool you can sharpen scissors on that little section there on the side about 1/2" from the end.  You can also sharpen knives with it.

I've had this WONDERFUL tool for many years... I do believe I got it from the camping supplies section.

Aw... that's MUCH better!! 

On the sides of the Target bags they have a list of 5 WAYS TO REUSE YOUR TARGET BAG
I wonder how many people actually read the sides of the Target bags??? LOL
But they don't mention crafts!!  Maybe someone should contact Target!  LOL

Because of the different bags with the different patterns I spread the ties around the wire form.  I simply tied them once... some may think it's necessary to knot them...
I used (heck I can't remember) 5 or 6 bags... At this point I was tired of cutting and even more tired of tying... I thought what can I do???  I am truly not impressed with my attempt here at this point.
I went into the spare bedroom and there was a sheet of tissue paper from Christmas that I hadn't put away yet... so I brought it out
folded it into thirds, cut along the folds and cut strips just like I did with the plastic bags... and I tied them on just like the plastic bags... (only I tore several of these as they tear unlike the plastic bags).
(No in process photos of this latest step)

I had 3 pieces left over so I decided my heart needed a tail.

What is up with this photo?
I nearly always take 3 or 4 photos of each thing.
But I only have this one... ugh... I am so sorry you have to see this horrible photograph.

So... here's the finished project hanging on our white door.

I'm still not overly impressed with it... but... it's some red in a heart-ish shape on the door... better than just the white door.  It is easy.

I'm not even sure if my husband has noticed it... He's never said anything about it! Ha!  (Maybe he's not too impressed with it either and just doesn't want to tell me :)

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