Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Year of the Dragon Pendant ~~WINNER~~

Woo Hoo!!

THANK YOU everyone that looked AND entered my giveaway!

Without delay... the winner is...

So I went to all the comments... and  

"Whoa! What happened to my numbers???"

(I'm sure I should send Blogger a thank you ;)

So... I typed them all out (I'm thanking God right now that I don't have SEVERAL entries!)

1.            Stuff and Nonsense
2.            Gail – My Repurposed Life
3.            Becky
4.            Cpage2323
5.            Mary Alice – Twitter
6.            Mary Alice – Linky Followers
7.            Jackie – Linky Followers
8.            Jackie – Twitter
9.            Jackie – Facebook
10.         Jaragabrielle – Linky Followers
11.         Jaragabrielle – Twitter
12.      Gerri_bolen
13.         Anja M – Linky Followers
14.         Anja M – Twitter

I hope you thoroughly enjoy your new pendant and key fob.

I'll be sending you an email and getting your address.

THANK YOU ALL for entering!

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