Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring has Sprung!

Here in Southern Arizona... Spring has Sprung!

Do you remember my post about my planting the Poinsettias outside?  I was walking around outside on Thursday and look what I found?

Those Poinsettias are growing new leaves!  We've had a couple of hard freezes here since I planted them.  I purposely did not cover them.  I wanted to know if they would survive.

And aren't these pretty?

I noticed there are several cactus just about ready to bloom.  We have them in red, orange, peach, yellow... ... it's always fun seeing what color they'll be and they are so PRETTY!

Aren't these wild Bluebells beautiful?

Where do you think this guy is going?
Since this is one of those that produce the pretty flowers, like the yellow ones above, I think I should help him out and move him out from under that tree.  What do you think?

The desert truly does have its own beauty. Sometimes you just have to look under trees for it.

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  1. ohhh how fun! I love spring and the newness it brings! :)
    thanks for sharing your surprises with us!

  2. I love the flowering cacti! It's amazing to me how colorful spring is in the desert!

    By the way, your site looks so different since the last time I visited! I really like the changes you've made! I'm definitely going to follow you on Pinterest :)

  3. Wow...yep Spring finally sprung on Easter at my daffodils all opened up at once...what a wonderful Gift from God for me on Easter!

  4. The cactus blossoms and wild violets are beautiful. The poinsettias seem to be doing well -- can't wait to see them in full bloom!

    Happy spring!


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